Elena (+66) 845 081 052 for calls from Russia.

0845081052 for calls within Thailand.

Sergey (+66) 840 576 033 for calls from Russia.

0840576033 for calls within Thailand.

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7 thoughts on “Contacts”

    Brandon magee 21.01.2018

    Looking for house from January 30th till march 19th 2018. 20000 baht and under. In the baan hin kong, baan wok tum or baan si thanu areas.

    Viktorija 25.01.2018

    Hello looking for a house from 30 jan for 6months. Communal pool. One or two double bedroom with kitchen near thong sala area. Budget 15000.

      admin 26.01.2018

      Hello. We can offer houses in a new complex with a communal pool from the middle of February.

    Karolina 21.03.2018

    I would like to rent a bungalow (7000bt) for 1 month for the month of April.
    Please, let me know if it is still available.

      admin 22.03.2018

      Hello. We dont have cheap houses.

    Michal 17.10.2018

    We are looking for a house with room bigger than 20 square meters, where, we can do the workshops and register a company. Preferable area is Sri Thanu, but if is in the nature could be somewhere else as well. Our budget is 10000 bht. but we could do up to 15000. When is worthy we may consider even more. Beneficial is registering company, because, we would rent the place yearly for at least 6 moths.From October till end of April.Thanks

      admin 18.10.2018

      Hi. Yes, still available. 10000 baht. Minimum 6 months.

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